Giant Pumpkin/Squash Weigh-In Contest

Giant Pumpkin/Squash Weigh-In Contest

First Sunday Of The Fair

Alan Turner, 117 Sampson Road, Windsor, Me 04363. 549-7280
2021 Winners
2019 Winners
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Based on the Rules and Regulations of the New England Giant Pumpkin Growers Association and the Ottawa-St. Lawrence Growers.

  1. Fruit shall be grown in the State of Maine .
  2. Pumpkin/squash must be grown and cared for by the exhibitor.
  3. Exhibitor can only enter one specimen per class and there can be no more than three entries per family or household per division.
  4. Specimens must be sound healthy and undamaged. Entries must be free of rot, chemical residue (fungicides, holes/cracks through to the cavity and serious soft spots). This is a subjective matter for the judges to decide. We include the term "serious" before soft spots, because some pumpkins will exhibit minor soft spots which in no way compromises the soundness of the pumpkin.
  5. No foreign material is permitted to be included in the weighing. The vine must be trimmed to one inch from the stem of the fruit. The judges reserve the right to fully inspect each specimen before the weigh-in. Refusal to allow the inspection of the entry will cause said entry to be disqualified.
  6. Competition will consist of two divisions: (a) adult; (b) children - 12 years and under, with three classes in each division:
    1) Giant Pumpkin - any fruit cream, yellow-to-orange in color. Minimum 75%.
    2) Giant Squash - any fruit green-to-gray in color.
    3) Old-Fashion Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin.
  7. Fruit will be accepted on the first Sunday of the Fair from 9 AM to 10 AM at the Agricultural Tent.
  8. Fruit will be weighed on the first Sunday of the Fair as they come in.
  9. All entries must remain on exhibit for the duration of Windsor Fair and may be picked up on Labor Day between 6:00 P.M. and 7:00 P.M.
  10. Winner will be the biggest pumpkin or squash by natural weight.
  11. All entries above 100 lbs. Except Jack-O-Lanterns must arrive on a pallet for ease of handling for the Windsor Fair personnel.

For further information, contact:

Joseph Gaboury, 207-685-9446 and Edwin Pierpont, 468 E Pond Rd., Jefferson, ME 04348, 207-215-5049.

Adult Division:Lot 1Pumpkin$325$240$150$90$60
Lot 2Squash$125$100$75$50$35
Lot 3Old Fashion Jack-O-Lantern$100$50$35$25$20
Children Division:Lot 4Pumpkin$125$100$75$50$25
Lot 5Squash$60$50$40$30$20
Lot 6Old Fashion Jack-O-Lantern$30$25$20$15$10
Lot 7Beating Current Windsor Fair Record of 1218 lbs. $500.