Sue Strout, 207-446-6461, China
Dennis Strout, 207-446-6460, China

An increasing number of campers, camp trailers and tents make their way to the Windsor Fair every year. This has made it necessary to establish regulations pertaining to camping.

We anticipate a rate increase this year (2022) and will update this information as soon as the final rates have been set.

There is no inside camping allowed at the Windsor Fair except by those who have livestock being exhibited and have assigned stalls. All persons with livestock (except race horses) must register with Carol Davis, Dana Prime, Claudia Orff-Reed or Greg Baker.

Claudia Orff-Reed # 207-557-0355
Greg Baker # 207-582-6675
Carol Davis # 207-491-7893
Dana Prime # 207-445-4985

Any camping unit without a properly assigned sticker will be removed.

Persons who do not come under the above categories may apply for space for campers at the camper office in the North parking lot. Camping is available adjacent to the Fair Grounds. The Windsor Fair has approximately 250 campsites available.

Camper Reservations Form

By sending in this form, it does not guarantee a space with hookups, forms are dated when received and it would be first come, first served. Campers will be notified by the Fair that space and hookups are not available.

Online Camping Registration Form

The fairgrounds are closed to the public from midnight until 9:00 AM daily.

Any questions send me an e-mail @