Must be received by first Saturday in August. No entries will be accepted after that date.
(Please click below to download the coversheet or the entry form)

l. Pre-Registration for hand events by the first Saturday in August.
2. All Registrations $25.00 US FUNDS (NON-REFUNDABLE FEE) - Make check payable to: WINDSOR FAIR 
3. Only the first SS registrations will be accepted.
4. Check-in and numbers for hand events must be picked up by 8:45 a. m. on Monday. 
5. Hand event contestants will meet in arena at 9:15 a.m. with Judge. Events will start promptly at 9:30 a.m.
6. Minimum age - 17 years old with previous experience competing in hand events.
7. Anyone not registered to compete MUST be outside fenced area due to safety and insurance concerns. This will be 
strictly enforced by Head .Judge. 

l. Log Rolling
2. Wood Chopping 
3. Buck Sawing
4. Crosscut Sawing
5. Jack & Jill Crosscut Sawing
6. Axe Throwing
7. Chain Saw "Modified" 
8. Tree Felling
9. Springboard Chop 
Kathy OrtT Hodnett, Superintendent, 207-441-3420 
l 0. Tea Boiling
11. Masters (55 and over) Wood chop, Bucksaw, and Axe
12. Women's Events: Axe, Wood chop, Crosscut, and Bucksaw 

l. Decision of Judge shall be final. The Judge may disqualify any contestant for any major failure to follow safe procedures 
or for repeated failures to comply with official directions. CONTESTANTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR VERIFYING
2. CONTEST ANTS MUST FURNISH OWN TOOLS. Contestants in all chainsaw events must wear eye and ear
protection and chaps. 
3. In the event of adverse weather conditions, some or all events may be eliminated or rules altered at the discretion of the
4. Unsportsmanlike conduct or alcohol abuse will result in disqualification on any and all events.
5. Children are not permitted to participate in any events or permitted in the infield area during contests. Only contestants 
and Windsor Fair personnel are allowed in the ring. PETS are not allowed on the fairgrounds.
6. Timed events using saws or peavey will start on the GO signal with logging tool on wood except for chainsaws which will 
be on ground and hand on timber. Early movement in these events will result in disqualification. In axe events, time will
START when axe hits wood. All sawn timbers will be 8x8 in size. 

1. LOG ROLLING: All contestants must be in a designated area before the first team starts to roll or you will be 
disqualified. Sixteen foot log will be rolled on ground hitting both stakes at the end of the course with log and return
to other end and do the same. Failure of log not touching designated stakes at any time will result in disqualification. 
Time stops when start stakes are hit. Judgeffimer will yell "IDT" when log hits both stakes at 1/2 way point and end.
2. WOOD CHOPPING - Time starts when the axe hits the wood. Time stops when the block is broken. Please set up 
your block in the assigned area. See Head Judge.
3. BUCK SAWING - One complete cut off pine timber.
4. TWO-PERSON CROSSCUT SAWING and JACK & JILL CROSSCUT -- Two complete cuts off pine timber.
5. JACK & JILL CROSSCUT - Same as Two-person
6. AXE THROWING- Four throws with the lowest point used for tie-breaker if necessary. Axe must stick in target to 
count. If both blades stick, there will be no score for that throw. Throw-offs in the event of a tie. Bulls Eyes = 5 
points; then 4,3,2, l.
7. MODIFIED CHAINSAW: Make 3 cuts; down-up-down. Cuts MUST be made between outer edge of timber (8x8) 
and chalk line 6" from end. Contestant may hit this line BUT there has to be some sign of a line left on at least one
side of the timer. This will be closely watched by judge at each station. Time starts on "GO" - If hand leaves 
top of wood before GO, contestant is disqualified. Chaps must be worn. Saws may be run only once in each class.
One-minute warm-up period will be allowed. Starting position: Saws MUST be on the ground, not running, with
hand on timber. Time will start when hands touch the saw. 
8. TREE FELLING - Tree felling will be scored on accuracy first, then speed. Direct hits will be scored first, then
speed. For instance, if there are two direct hits, the fastest time will win. A direct hit is considered any contact with the
stake on the way down. AFTER DIRECT lilTS, the closest to the stake will be scored. This will be scored by
measuring from the closest edge of the tree to the closest edge of the stake. Stake will be at least 16 feet from tree. 
Time starts when axe hits the wood and ends when the tree hits the ground. 
9. SPRINGBOARD CHOP - Time starts when axe hits the wood. Time ends when block is severed. Contestant must
choose between Springboard Chop and Tree Felling. Approximate 9 foot above ground support pole will be used to
set springboard. Each support pole will be used more than once. Poles for right and left handed contestants will be
available. Three foot by approximately LO inches in diameter blocks will be spiked to top of support pole by each
contestant. Two springboards must be set. Cannot use previous holes. No test holes will be allowed. Boards must be
balanced without hanging device. Block is to be cut through from both sides. Only one axe is permitted, except for
damaged axe. Minimum circumference will be announced. 
10. TEA BOILING CONTEST - Rules at time of contest.
11. MASTERS (55 and over)- Wood Chop, Buck Saw and Axe Throw: Same rules apply as stated above
12. WOMEN EVENTS: Axe Throw, Wood chop, Crosscut and Bucksaw: Same rules apply as stated above. 

PRIZE MONEY: First- $110, Second - $70, Third - $50, Fourth· $40, Fifth· $30.

In the Single person events (wood chop, buck saw, axe throw, modified chain sawing, tree felling, and tea boiling): 
In the 2-Person events (log roll, crosscut sawing): 

Masters event (55 and over) (wood chop, bucksaw, axe) 

Women's events (axe, wood chop, crosscut, bucksaw) 

Overall Champion Woodsman - $250 The following events will count towards overall champion: Wood chop, log roll,
bucksaw, crosscut saw, axe throw and modified chain saw event. 

In case of a tie for Overall Champion Woodsman, Woman's or Masters, there will be a sudden death axe throw. 
One Throw of the axe determines who gets the prize money and trophy ... must enter all four events, etc. 

Runner up in Woodsman Events - $100. 

Overall Woman's Champion - $100 • M!!§.t enter all four events to count towards Overall Woman's Champion. 

Master's Champion -$100. 

Mail entry form and $25 <US FUNDS) fee to: Kathy Hodnett. 99 S. Mountain Road .. .lefferson. ME 04348.
Make check out to: WINDSOR FAIR. 

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